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Made to Measure

We let your dreams come true!


You are looking for a robust LARP robe, a very own cosplay or simply an extraordinary outfit for a special occasion? You want a unique gown that is tailored to you and your wishes?


Then do not hesitate to write us! We produce unique, outstanding costumes, with a very personal note. All creations are own designs of our costumedesigner, which are developed individually according to your wishes. We focus on a high-quality production, all of our works are handmade with love and passion.



Not only our designs are customized to your needs, but also our price categories. Depending on the concept, you can choose from three different areas and we will gladly make you a suitable offer:



We have suitable concepts even for a small budget or costume beginner! Simple and robust custom-made products, but also many items in our shop depend to this category.



In our classical line many things are possible: Custom-made products with special materials, handwork and various decorations. These creations are detailed and multilayered pieces.



Our exclusive creations are suitable for movie productions or demanding customers who value a high degree of authenticity. Each piece of work is produced with elaborate handwork.

Order Process

You want to order a custom made costume? Just use the contact form or write us directly:

Your Email

With your mail you can contact us and describe your wishes. So that we can give you an estimate of effort, price frame or time management, we need some basic data, e.g.: What do you want in detail? Do you have any special ideas or wishes? Do you have material wishes? The more detailed your information is, the more accurate we can give you answers to all your questions.
If we have clarified all conditions and your order has been accepted, you will get a place on our waitinglist. You should schedule a waiting period of at least half a year.

The Design

We will contact you a few weeks before we can begin your project and fix an amount for the deposit. As soon as we receive this, our designer starts with your design. She will give you individual advice and refer to all your wishes.
The process of designing can take some time: Ideas are sketched and collected, but also discarded – until we have the best possible result for you. In the end you get a comprehensive design concept in form of a fashion illustration and a suitable cost estimate. Also colors and material suggestions are displayed, so you can imagine the end result well. You should regularly check your mail in this time, because close communication is particularly important at this point.

The Development

If we have discussed the design and developed a final version, we will focus on the development of your outfit. Made-to-measure items are completely new pattern constructions, based on your own measurements, as the name implies. We never use prefabricated patterns, but construct everything in guaranteed self-service and in manual work. For this you get a blank form in which you can enter your measurements. In order to achieve a perfect fit, it may also be neccessary to produce sample models or fittings are needed, which we then discuss in detail.

The Production

Now you can sit back and wait! Once the pattern is ready, all parts are cut and we start the final production. Here, we sew, dye, embroider and decorate in careful handwork. We use only high-quality tools and materials to achieve the best possible result. Perfection is our trademark! We can also make accessories to round off the picture.

The production can take an average of 1-2 months and depends on the effort. You will get updates and pictures, as well as a final presentation. If everything is to your satisfaction, your dream costumes will be shipped to you as soon as possible!

Any questions?

We have listed some frequently asked questions in our [FAQ]. If you can not find a suitable answer, just write an email.


We will gladly help you!