“Unique and individual!”

As a designer, I love to give shape to dreams and bring them to life! My creations are real clothing that expresses you and your story.

Therefore, I will advise you individually based on your wishes and design a unique concept for you. Functionality also plays a major role in design, so that the clothing perfectly matches the occasion and all your requirements. No bespoke product will be made again, so that you get a special unique piece for yourself!

Before you hold your dream garment in your hands, it goes through many phases: A lot of attention is paid to each one so that you can feel completely comfortable in the end. From the pattern construction for the perfect fit to careful production with high-quality materials:

Love in every detail!

Order Process


Write me an email and describe your wishes as detailed as possible so that I can give you an assessment of your project (e.g. effort, price range). Once we have clarified the most important things, you will be placed on the waiting list. Please note that there is a certain waiting time! I want to make sure that everyone gets an absolutely perfect result: It takes time! Until then, you are welcome to send me further ideas at any time.


I will contact you as soon as we can start and set an amount for the deposit that is required for the first steps and the material. Now I’ll work out your design, sketch ideas and look for suitable fabrics. I bring all your wishes into a fashion illustration that takes shapes, colors and material suggestions into account and calculate a suitable cost estimate. We discuss the draft until you have an all-round perfect concept.


Once we have developed a final design, I start with the individual pattern construction. Custom-made products are completely made based on your personal measurements so that everything fits perfectly afterwards. For this you will receive a form with explanations in which you can easily enter your values. It may also be that samples are made or that try-ons are necessary, but usually everything can be solved without long trips.


Now Relax! When the pattern is done, the last step follows: Everything will be sewn, dyed, embroidered and decorated until your clothing sees the light of day layer by layer. This can take an average of 1-2 months and depends on the effort of your project. I’ll get in touch with updates to keep you up to date, and of course you will get a final presentation. If everything is to your satisfaction, the clothing will be shipped!

Single Pieces

Single bespoke clothing items, e.g. robes.
Price starts from:500 € (incl. VAT)

Clothing sets

Complex clothing sets with several layers.
Price starts from: 1000 € (incl. VAT)

Wedding Fashion

Fantasy wedding gowns or groom outfits.
Price starts from: 1500 € (incl. VAT)

Still questions?

Then take a look at the FAQ or contact me via Mail. I look forward to your request!

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