Bespoke Fantasy Fashion for your Adventure

Custom Order


“Unique and individual!”

Until you receive your finished custom-made outfit, it goes through different stages: We produce every single piece with great attention to detail, passion and precision in every step.

It’s especially important to us that your outfit tells your personal story. Therefore, our designer advises you individually and creates a unique design that includes all your wishes.

Do not worry about the costs: There is the right concept for every budget! You are welcome to set a fixed budget from which we will do the best. Otherwise we will gladly help you with your questions!

Our Focus



We design your clothes individually according to your wishes! So you get a unique outfit that expresses your story.



Precise craftmanship, careful handwork, the perfect fit and quality materials are central to our work.



Our work is tailor made to your needs. We advise you individually, so you get a long-lasting and functional outfit.

Order Process

Here you can find out how to order your personal outfit. If you have more or specific questions, have a look at our FAQ page. There are already a lot of answers to some frequently asked questions.
If you would like to place an order or make a request, simply use the contact form:

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Your Email

With your mail, you get in contact with us and tell us your wishes. To be able to give you an estimate of effort, price frame or time management, we need some basic data, for example: What exactly should it be? Do you have any special ideas or wishes? Do you want a special fabric? The more detailed your information is, the more accurate we can give you answers to all your questions.
Have we clarified all the conditions and your order has been accepted, you get a non-binding place on our waiting list. Please note that we have a very long waiting time until we can begin your project and do not accept deadlines. We just want to make sure that every customer gets an absolutely perfect garment and because of the many requests, we can only work on each project fairly one after the other: That takes time!

The Designphase

We will contact you a few weeks before we can start your project and set an amount for the down payment. Attention: Only now we will accept your inquiry as binding order!
As soon as we receive this amount, our designer starts the design. She will advise you individually and respond in detail to your wishes.
The process of designing can take some time: ideas are sketched and collected, but also discarded – until we have the best possible result for you. In the end, you will receive a comprehensive design concept in the form of a fashion illustration. Also colors and material suggestions are shown accordingly, so you can already imagine the final result. It is particularly important at this point, that you regularly check your mails, because a close communication is neccessary.

The Developement

Once we have discussed the design and worked out a final version, we focus on the individual pattern construction of your outfit. Custom made clothing – as the name implies – is created individually based on your own measurements. We never use prefabricated patterns, but construct everything by our own. For this you will receive an appropriate form in which you can enter your measurements. In order to achieve a perfect fit, it may also be neccessary that trial models are made or fittings are needed, which we then discuss in detail.

The Production

Now you can sit back and wait! When the pattern is complete, all parts are cut to size and move to final production. Here we sew, dye, embroider and decorate with careful craftsmanship. We use only high quality tools and materials to achieve the best possible result. Perfection is our trademark! We can also customize accessories and round off the picture.

The average production can take about 1-3 months and depends on the size of your project. You will get updates and pictures, as well as a final presentation. If everything is to your satisfaction, your dream outfit will come to you by mail as soon as possible!