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For the assessment of the effort of your bespoke clothing, I need some key data. You can find a few basic questions about this right afterwards. The more detailed you describe your wishes, the better I can help you.

In addition to all work, answering e-mails can take a while, as I can only check my mailbox once a week. I will definitely get back to you touch and look forward to your request!

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  • For what occasion do you want your clothes? (e.g. LARP, wedding, walking act, cosplay, stage, film …)
  • What would you like to have made? (e.g. complete set, dress, coat, …)
  • Do you have a set budget or a price limit?
  • What focus should your clothing have? (e.g. particularly representative, winterproof, lots of freedom of movement, …)
  • Are there any special design requirements? (e.g. coat of arms, symbols, colors, character history / role …)
  • Which details are important to you? (e.g. practical pockets, short sleeves, …)
  • A picture of you where you and your figure can be easily recognized.
  • Optional: Pictures of the equipment to which the new clothing should match.

Please note:I do not reproduce existing designs from other artists or costumes from shows, films, animes, etc.. However, it is possible to create a unique design with my handwriting that is inspired by a source/ topic of your choice.