“Fashion made of dreams.”

With my small business, I focus entirely on fantasy and substantial craftsmanship. My fantastic fashion gives the diverse stories, personalities and dreams of my customers a unique shape.

From the design, the pattern development to the last needle stitch, everything is handcrafted with love in my studio. It is important to me to produce high-quality clothing that can withstand any adventure and take you into mystical worlds!


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Fantasy Design

The focus of my style is on fantasy fashion that gives your dreams a unique shape.

Handmade with Love

Fashion is not waste! All creations are timeless and durable, so that they will last.

Costumecouture from Germany

All creations are handcrafted with great attention and love in my studio.


I am a fashion designer and have been working under the name “Lenora” since around 2004. The fantastic and storytelling have always excited me!

Creative work has always been my greatest passion from a young age and is still expressed today e.g. in hobbies like Live Action Roleplay (LARP), so that I benefit from first-hand experience. I first learned tailoring self-taught and always worked hard to develop my skills even further and deepend my knowledge during my studies in the end.

After completing my degree in fashion design in 2011 as a “Master of Arts”, diverse professional experience in research on historical clothing and in the fashion industry, I am now fully self-employed with my own business. To combine passion and profession:

My dream has become reality!

Fashion for Adventurers

Custom Clothing

Bespoke pieces are perfect for everyone who values ​​individuality and the perfect fit. According to all wishes and specifications I work out an individual design that will be made as unique creation.

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The collections are perfect for anyone who wants a solid basic garb, which still has room for own ideas. They are avaiable in fixed sizes, many colors and fabrics to be freely combined.

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