Fantasy Fashion for your Adventure.

Lenora stands for outstanding creations with an own style. We do not make fancy dresses, but fashion that tells stories. Our fantastic outfits are all tailored to your needs, handmade with love and great attention to detail.
Let us enchant you!


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Wet end of our year
8. November 2019 by Lenora 

Unfortunately, 2019 was more than turbulent! We had to deal with a lot of problems: accidents and illness,...

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Naren & Noraja
News Photoshootings 
New Collection: Noraja & Naren
1. January 2019 by Lenora 

New Collection: Adventure Set Noraja & Naren. With our collections, we want to offer great basic...

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News Photoshootings 
New Collection: Fantasyset Ceriel
1. December 2018 by Lenora 

New: Fantasy Series Ceriel. With our collections, we want to offer great basic parts in future, with...

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