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Model – Walking Act – Promotion

You need an eye catcher for your project or event? Lenora Costumes can enrich your event or booth with some fantastic creations!

I have already a large fundus of different costumes. I attach great importance to high quality equipment, but also to credible acting to bring a character to life. If there is nothing matching in stock, it is always possible to work on new costumes especially for your concept.

What do I offer to you?
  • Professional and reliable occurrence
  • High-quality costumes or new-built equipment
  • Acting experiences and credible representation
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Opennes to new projects

You want to book me for your event? Use the contact form or contact me via:


Steampunk 2017
Event: Steampunk Fair 2017
28. February 2017 by Lenora 

Steampunk Fair 2017 A nostalgic time travel. This year again, the Steampunk Fair took place in Bochum...

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Connichi 2016
Event: Lenora at the Connichi 2016
28. September 2016 by Lenora 

Connichi 2016 Lenora exhibits!  In September, the Connichi took place in Kassel, where I was present...

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Roleplay Convention 2016
Event: Role Play Convention 2016
2. June 2016 by Lenora 

Roleplay Convention 2016 Lovely flowerfairies in action! The Roleplay Convention had 10-year anniversary...

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Steampunk 2016
Event: Steampunk Fair in Bochum
27. April 2016 by Lenora 

Steampunk Fair A fair in another century. Earlier this year the “2nd Steampunk fair” took...

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Ringcon 2014
Event: Ringcon 2014 as Judge
10. November 2014 by Lenora 

RingCon 2014 Adventure About hobbits and elves! The RingCon in Bonn takes place every year and offers...

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