Model – Stylist – Costumes

You are photographer or model and you have a great idea for a shooting, but no suitable outfit? You are a filmmaker and want some unique pieces for your project? Here you can benefit from my extensive stock and my experience as an artist!

I am offering my fundus for rent to support professional projects or you can book me directly as stylist or model. I make sure that my costumes are properly staged and care about the success of your overall image.

Get in touch

If you want to borrow a costume send me an inquiry and describe your specific project. Links to your website, sedcard or your portfolio are helpful, as well. It is important for me that your style matches my work or give me completely new possibilities.

Unfortunately there are only very few dates left for TfP shootings. The best is: Inspire me! The more exciting and interesting your project sounds, the greater the chance that I can make an appointment for free. I´m excited for your ideas!

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Elvengowns Winter
Model Photoshooting 
Shooting: Elvenqueen in Winter
21. February 2017 by Lenora 

Elves in Winter The falling snow For many years I have a costume in my fundus, which means a lot to me as a beginner’s...

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Model Photoshooting 
Shooting: Mando Bountyhunter
23. November 2016 by Lenora 

Shooting Mandalorian Heroic Warrior! The date for the shooting was set long before! It was my last motivation...

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Yennefer of Vengerberg
Model Photoshooting 
Shooting: Yennefer of Vengerberg
11. November 2016 by Lenora 

Yennefer of Vengerberg Witches in action! To organize a big shooting is the best to finish a great project....

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Costume rent Promotion 
Shooting: New Album of “Elane”
4. June 2016 by Lenora 

Elane – Magical sounds Music from another world. The German band “Elane” is known for its fantastic...

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Shooting Nyannar
Costume rent Photoshooting 
Shooting: Elvendress Nyannar
3. June 2016 by Lenora 

Nyannar – Lady of the Forest Her home is the deep woodland. For a long time I wanted to take some...

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Sansa Stark
Costume rent Photoshooting 
Shooting: Sansa – Game of Thrones
7. February 2016 by Lenora 

Shooting Sansa Stark The song of the the winter flower. When Andy asked for renting a costume for a Sansa...

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