“People without fantasy are like birds without wings.”

(Wilhelm Raabe)

The costumelabel stands for professional design concepts and fantastic creations with their own style. Each work represents a unique design, great attention to detail and a precise production. Our creations are meant to tell stories.
Here you can fantastic pieces of art, which are designed according to your wishes. With our exclusive custom-made costumes or the collections in our shop you can perfectly dress up for your personal adventure.

Furthermore we offer a great design service and high-quality productions for companies and other costume projects, such as movies, exhibitions, museums or promotion concepts.

Our Service
  • Custom fantasy fashion and clothing collections.
  • Fantastic wedding fashion for men and women.
  • Exclusive creations for events, promotion or exhibitions.
  • Costumedesign for stage or movie projects.
  • Professional advice on costumedesign.

Our Prices

Not only our designs are customized to your needs, but also our price categories. Depending on the concept, you can choose from three different areas and we will gladly make you a suitable offer:



We have suitable concepts even for a small budget or costume beginner! Simple and robust custom-made products, but also many items in our shop depend to this category.



In our classical line many things are possible: Custom-made products with special materials, handwork and various decorations. These creations are detailed and multilayered pieces.



Our exclusive creations are suitable for movie productions or demanding customers who value a high degree of authenticity. Each piece of work is produced with elaborate handwork.

Our Designer


Fantastic worlds have always fascinated me! After graduating as a “Master of Arts” in fashiondesign, I have worked for different companies as a designer. Since the beginning of my professional career, Lenora has always been my great dream, which I now fulfill with my own company! Personally I am also passionate about roleplay and cosplay, literature, PC games and movies. Apart from the profound expertise my creations benefit from my personal experiences in these areas.


More information:

Designer Lenora