Lenora Costumes combines fantasy, individuality and originality.

The costumelabel stands for professional design concepts and outstanding creations with their own style. Each work represents a unique design, great attention to detail, a precise production. It is not only about costuming, but about telling stories and bringing visions to life.


Here you can fantastic pieces of art, which are designed according to your wishes. With our exclusive custom-made costumes or the collections in our shop you can perfectly dress up for your personal adventure.
Lenora offers a great design service and high-quality productions for companies and other costume projects, e.g. for movies, exhibitions, museums or promotion concepts.
What do we do?

Lenora Costumes offers the following products and services:


  • Fantasy costumes made-to-measure or as collections.
  • Exclusive creations for events, promotion or exhibitions.
  • Costumedesign for stage or movie projects.
  • Walking Act with high-quality costumes for events.

“The human without imagination is like a bird without wings.”

(Wilhelm Raabe)

The Designer


Fantastic worlds and creative processes have always fascinated me! After successfully completing my fashiondesign studies as a “Master of Arts”, I am a versatile designer.

I’m also privately enthusiastic about roleplay and cosplay, as well as literature, PC games and movies. My creations benefit not only from the profound expertise but also from my personal experiences in these areas.


More information:

Designer Lenora