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“Lenora Costumes” combines fantasy, individuality and originality.

Here you can find high-quality fantasy clothing for exhibitions, promotion and movies or other costume fantasies for special occasions. Each unique creation is handmade and crafted with great attention to detail. They lead you to long forgotten dreams and enchanted worlds.



About the work Workflow 
10 Years of Lenora Costumes
12. July 2017 by Lenora 

10 Years Anniversary A long journey. Creating fantasy fashion belongs to my life since I can think. Many...

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Poison Ivy
Making-Of Workflow 
Making-Of : Poison Ivy Fairytale Version
8. June 2017 by Lenora 

Poison Ivy Fairytale Version Straight from the Fairy Forest. There are so many heroines and villains...

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Role Play Convention 2017
Event: Role Play Convention 2017
7. June 2017 by Lenora 

Role Play Convention 2017 Lenora with her own booth! I was at the Role Play Convention again –...

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